An Ode To Mumbai

Economists have coined it as “The Financial Capital”
Passionate Dreamers have named it as “The City of Dreams”
Curious outsiders have taken it as “The City of Charms” 
But Mumbai accepts all, and welcomes each with widespread arms.

People of all diversities dwell here, being disciplined and less of a cheater
While Autos frequently refusing pick up, but always travel on meter

Here, cutting chai triggers the day and bada pav is the burger king
Roadside carts with pani puris and daabelis, make all ages cling.

Uneducated dubbawalas, using color codes are serving for years
Housewives affectionately deliver their love to their hubbies without any fears.

Tourists always call Haji Ali, Siddhivinayak and Mount Mary, irrespective of religion
The city witnesses over charming enthusiasm in the Ganapati Visarjan

Local trains conveying millions, which reign the city are always pack
Wanna successfully mount or dismount? Standing near the gate is the hack.

Marine Drive, the boulevard, where countless lodge their night sleepless
From smooch to solitude, every emotion is intimated at this Queen’s necklace.

Have palaces like Taj Mahal, Mannat and Antilla, showing immense richness
Also homes millions in Dharavi, India’s largest slum, and a hub of business.

Despite fast and burdensome life, the city is cautious that no one trips
Gratitude for superstars, businessmen and sportsperson that it constantly gives
Time goes on as days and nights continue their flips
But yet this city, possessing millions of dreams never sleeps.