90’s was the time, when kids behaved like a child
With a unified Joint Family, having all generations compiled.
Where all cousins and siblings, were considered as equal
That heavenly combo-world, was my present day’s prequel.

Where dining hall was the theater, and TV the big screen
As if having meal together, resided in everyone’s gene.
Moral values were imparted, on each dine seating
And congratulated was the one, who came first in eating.

From cricket to ludo, carrom to cards and badminton to business,
I could unfailingly get my games-companions with much easiness.
An oversmart or bully, fond of cheating, was always in there
Games always ended with fight, but reconciled soon, out of no-where.

When completing homework was like, being trapped in a cage
With the same old books, that kept passing on to the younger age.
How mysteriously, cousins shared about crush and other class tales
And maturely kept each others secrets, ensuring no one fails.

When entire family stood for birthday celebration, each assigned a job
And exploited every tick of jubilation, that each one could rob.
I have no idea what exactly happened in my first birthday ever,
Thanks to my family, for preserving those photos and memories forever.

From decorating swing for Kanha to stacking books for Saraswati
We created attractive mud forts on Diwali, to impress the deity.
Exhilarating Festivals were cherished together, having so much to eat
And kids had to reach out to every elder, for touching their feet.

Innocent were those days when mom’s beating was the only fright
How other siblings settled in a corner, seeing one in her plight.
Special feeling was then, when whole family set out for an occasion
On retreat, discussions on flaws and perfection appeared as a session.

Recapitulating those night walks on terrace and staring at the moon
My deepest gratitude to God for gifting me Joint Family, like a boon
Penning down these lines, far-off my family on this isolated noon
To reminisce all these moments together, hoping to see everyone soon.