Sacrosanct Independence

Is Largest in democracy and Highest in population,
Holding enormous army, serving for country’s salvation.
After 200 grappling years, was booned a new incarnation,
But still in dilemma that, is really independent, our nation!

Making us proud, by uniting religions & cultures in all proportions,
But also witnesses bitter relationships, in its enlarged portions.
A country which always aspires, to endeavour women empowerment,
Forget women, now child molestation incessantly dares the Government.

Where freedom of speech is guaranteed to citizens, as a Fundamental Right,
Then why are they threatened, and beholding to it, makes them fright.
A country, ambitiously developing with success and triumphing all strives,
Still farmers suicide, and mortals fear bomb blasts in their everyday lives.

But I know, these are only the side-effects of development that are lined,
How India is undergoing Digital Swadeshi Movement, serving national mankind,
As our country should not be considered as billions, but a billions mind,
After curbing these curses, our Sacrosanct Independence will again be redefined!