Every Single Time

Every single time YOU stared at me
My gleaming eyes were stuck on YOU
Now, enclosed with vacuity and fear the world
A glimpse of YOURS, is all they wanna pursue

Every single time WE shared together
Life was a beautiful verse I kept enchanting
Now, the words are faded and lost their meaning
Feels all to me like an impassionate ranting

Every single time when YOU laughed with me
World was blissful, filled with enthusiasm
Now, either I am lost in some other world
Or that joyous world is the biggest sarcasm

Every single time, YOU cried before me
That was my life’s only moment of sorrow
Now, ceaseless sobbing has dried my eyes
Please lend me YOUR tears, I am ready to borrow

Every single time OUR fingers touched
Butterflies in my stomach danced with delight
Now, those feelings are lost forever
Ice runs through my veins and makes me fright

Every single time YOU gave me a hug
OUR souls were together as if stuck forever
Now, that soul moans, bounded by emptiness
Is desperate for YOU, being the ultimate saver

Every single time, YOU called me on phone
My ears always tickled on hearing YOUR voice
Now, I cannot sleep in these lonely nights
And waiting for YOUR call is the only choice

Every single time WE vowed each other
I believed WE will keep them till the end
Now, that YOU are not with me
The definition of promise has completely changed

Every single time, I dreamt, our love winning us fame
Now all things have changed and I have no one to blame
YOU left me like anything and made my life insane
But yet my love for YOU, still remains the same.