Resurrection For The Heart

You accompanied tears for prolonged unattended years,
Me fading Your voice blindly, among that pressure of peers.
Ceaselessly shattering You apart, like pricking with spears,
Although, You being mine most precious, among all souvenirs.

Have always ditched You in civil wars, and stood with the brain,
But You selflessly celebrated, all my glorious moments of fame.
Have always dishonoured Your emotions, spreading envy, without shame,
But You never protested, and dumbly tolerated this malevolent game.

But after 25 sinful years, I am resurrected again, like a phoenix unfold,
Swearing this untouched second innings of my life, to You I behold.
Investing in You, all Your respect and compassion, that I freely sold,
Please forgive me and illuminate me, with Your purity composed of gold.

Because You are not inside me, just to pump blood and keep me alive,
The places you wanna go, people you wanna love, and things you wanna thrive,
I’m gonna fulfil all with endless rejoice, whatever situation may arrive,
Oh my dear Heart, don’t feel shy, and let’s experience life’s thrilling vibe.