Slip of Memory

Just another morning, yet my light-hearted soul danced, as I entered the gate,
Adhered to the disciplined morning prayer queue, while chattering with my mate.
On retreat to class, I clung to the back seat, plucking my all-purpose notebook,
After indefinite tic-tac-toes, our paper-planes smoothly landed in just one look.

Recess time it was, with my group I was, when one guy showed up with a cracker,
Mischievous idea it was, to burst inside the class, we planned like a full-proof hacker.
The class was chaotic, so we gestured our chief, from where he proceeded thereafter,
Out came the explosion, vacuous went the class, and we went bursting into laughter.

Suddenly, there was a background melody, my alarm tone it was and 8 in the morning,
Undertook couple of minutes to regain consciousness, and to absorb the entire thing.
There was no class, there was no chaos, like an isolated bird in the cold I was shivering,
Opened social-media, I scrolled through those old buddies, for knowing their well-being.

Some have started their family, few following their passion, others reaching great height,
While remaining did not show up on search, I tried recalling their faces with all my might.
Realizing how I lost connections over the years, my heart was heavy and cold was my feet,
Taking a couple of deep long breaths, I finally woke up and proceeded to brush my teeth.